October 13, 2014

As I so diligently scribble down notes for a menu test I may take within the next couple of days, my mind wanders off to the land of ‘What can I think about that isn’t work’. Everyone’s been there. On a daily basis. Amiright? I know I’m right.

Let’s see. What happened in the world today? Nothing important? Just light discussion about Ebola? Great. Now, I can talk about what I want to talk about.

Today was National No Bra Day. That’s the kind of day I’m talking about. Bras are the greatest yet most obnoxious invention ever invented for females. Well, that or maybe a girdle or Spanx.

If you are a female and actually enjoy wearing a bra then you aren’t right. Bras are the bane of my existence but woe is me, I have been condemned to live a life full of bras. Every single damn day. Damnit.

There is no greater feeling (maybe just two) in the world than ripping that bra off and giving them girls free reign.

Of course, bras make all the boobs looks fantastic and sit up as high as one possibly would like. You can get those push-up bras that put those bad boys next to your chin. If that’s what tickles your fancy. Those bras promise to add 2 full cup sizes. Unfortunately, that is one thing I do no need.

To each their own.

My girls tell me, “give me liberty or give me death.”* I happily oblige because they are about the only good thing I’ve got going for me.

That and my incredibly phenomenal personality. Seriously, I’m peachy fucking keen over here.

This is more or less a completely pointless post but I’m trying to find any excuse to not study so, here we are.

Ok bye,


Side thought: I’m starting a book club. It’s 2 people deep right now. C’mon, ladies & gents, you know you want to read with us

*Mr. Patrick Henry is (was) the owner of such eloquently spoken closing words. I hope y’all already knew that.*


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