Guys, I made my bed today.

So, apparently today is National Make Your Bed Day. I took it once step further and completely rearranged my room and hung pictures. Every now and then, I get an urge to do some ‘spring cleaning’ even though it’s not technically springtime.

So, I finished about 20 minutes ago. Now, I’m hustling to write this post because if it’s after 12, it won’t make any sense, right?

GUYS. I am kind of so incredibly proud right now. See for yourselves:

I don’t know about the rest of you but, I’m pretty sure I’m happiest when I’m in bed. Yep. I’m definitely the happiest when I’m in my bed. Ask me anything when I’m all snuggled up and chances are I’m going to say ‘yes’.

Total sidenote: How many pillows is too many?

I’ve actually scaled my pillows down. Used to have 9 or so. Now I’m down to 7. Guess how many I sleep with. None. Zero. If anything I’ll spoon one but I don’t use one to cushion my head.

Right now, I’m under my covers multitasking. Booya. I’m writing this and watching Ugly Americans right now.

ugly americans

It’s also the 13th anniversary of September 11. Anniversary has a happy connotation. (I think so, atleast) #neverforget

Ok, bye.


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