Isten hozott!

That’s welcome in Hungarian.

Hi, we’re Bolling and Mary Gervais. Yep, those names are 100% completely not fake. You can thank our parents for that one. Um, welcome to this blog. It’s a work in progress, just like our lives. We’re going to blog about things we find entertaining. Maybe it’ll be an embarassing story from our past, maybe it’ll be some sort of list listing things because we (the entire female population) love that shit or maybe it’ll be a love letter to coffee or ankle booties. Who knows what you’re really going to see because, well, we don’t know either until we do. We enjoy DIY-ing all the things and hanging out with our four-legged chilrens (yes, chilrens was intentional). We’re simpletons but we ain’t complaining.

So you get to know us a wee bit better & because you were dying to know:

Bolling: [aka Bolling, B-Ball, Bolls]

-I live in the Chuck-town. (and DETEST the phrase “Chuck- town”. It’s Charleston, people)
-I’m a baby momma (to 2 of the bestest 4 legged creatures I’ve yet to meet)
-You may find that me a TAD obsessed over said babies
-I’m a coke girl all day. (Coca-Cola. Duh. I really hate that I have to clarify)
-I’m REALLY shy & quiet, except around my closest friends and fam
-If I could live anywhere in the world I’d be in Florence, Italy
-I take on way too many projects, hobbies, jobs, ideas and therefore roughly complete 1% of those said items. BUT THIS BLOG WILL BE DIFFERENT!
-I text differently than I speak. I feel like I have this alter ego in my brain when creating text messages…. anyone else out there know what I’m talking about?
-I’m a lover. I hate confrontation (not that anyone likes it)
-Did I mention my name will officially be Bolling Ball? (sounds like bowling ball)

Mary Gervais: [aka MG, Marge or Mary G]

-Black is my favorite color.
-I could eat Vietnamese or Thai food every single day.
-I dabble quite frequently in cheesy pick-up lines and bad jokes
-My favorite candies are Lemonheads & Sour Patch Kids. And Jolly Ranchers.
-I used to not like cats at all. But then I rescued two and I love them. Chipie & Peluche are their names and they are perfect.
-Books are pretty much the best thing ever. I just got a library card and I’m so excited.
-Maybe I watch too many cartoons.
-I’m extremely laid back. Maybe a little too much.
-I sleep on the right side of the bed but wake up on the hypothetical wrong side of the bed.
-I have no idea how to accept a compliment. I usually say the exact same thing back to whomever gave me the compliment. It’s awkward.
-Hiking is cool.
-Yoga is cool.
-Alone time is the greatest thing ever.
-I’m working on becoming a better person.
-My general disposition on life is quite bleak.

This is not a picture of us but it probably would have, if it was us.

This is not a picture of us but it probably would have, if it was us.


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